A new global force in fleet technology

We are proud and excited to announce, from May2022, a new union in the fast-paced, and rapidly evolving world of fleet technology & IT support. ICanProve.IT (UK & RSA), Observit (Sweden) and SITOC Ltd (UK) are joining together to become a single company – Observit – with a truly global reach.

We are still working on aligning our offerings – and there is more information to follow over the coming weeks and months. Safe to say, though, we will be able to achieve even more by joining together – and, separately, we have achieved a considerable amount already. So, if you have vehicles or computers in your business (and what business doesn’t have those?), you should watch this space with interest.

Together,” explains Lars Flodén (CEO of Observit), “our combined value is higher than the simple sum of our parts.” 

The truth is, ICanProve.IT and Observit have been working together for many years – developing innovative fleet video services,” said Gavin Urtel, Founder and MD of ICanProve.IT. “We are already great friends. All of us here at ICanProve.IT, Observit and SITOC are incredibly excited about our future as Observit.”

Observit uses edge computing combined with cloud services to reduce complexity, and increase reliability, control and speed of access within mobile video services.

ICanProve.IT systems rely on Observit – applying a clear understanding of customer demands and challenges to put video capture and data processing at the heart of fleet decision-making.

SITOC has a proud history of providing enterprise-level IT support, with the expertise to connect, integrate and automate all these technologies in a reliable and secure infrastructure.



About Observit

We are on a mission to become the leading global service provider within mobile surveillance. Observit develops first-in-class video surveillance applications using Axis Communication ACAP technology. The offering includes Mobile Surveillance including on-board cameras and body worn cameras, Damage Investigation, People Counter and Positioning Services for vehicle depots.



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