Björn Callenfors CEO of Observit

Björn Callenfors CEO of Observit



Welcome Björn Callenfors
– as CEO of Observit

From 1 December 2022, Lars Flodén is passing the leadership baton for Observit on to Björn Callenfors. This is the culmination of a collaborative year-long process – raising a new shining light to lead us into our next stage as we grow from being a regional success story, to a global one.

These two good people have been working very closely together throughout the handover period and you can tell how proud Lars is to be passing the reins into Björn’s capable hands.

“We started more than a year ago to find the new person who could take Observit forward into the next ten years. We’re really pleased that, out of all the highly skilled professionals we spoke to, Björn is with us today.” Lars adds happily, “I am convinced that he is the right person for the job.”

Now that we have a proven track record within our smaller geographical reach – our global journey has just started. We are part of the future. Public transport is something that has to grow massively if we are to meet our climate goals. Observit can play a pivotal role in being able to secure transportation of both people and goods.

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About Observit

We are on a mission to become the leading global service provider within mobile surveillance. Observit develops first-in-class video surveillance applications using Axis Communication ACAP technology. The offering includes Mobile Surveillance including on-board cameras and body worn cameras, Damage Investigation, People Counter and Positioning Services for vehicle depots. In 2022, Observit cemented a long-running partnership with ICanProve.IT and SITOC (based in the UK and RSA) to form a new global force in the fast-paced, and rapidly evolving world of fleet technology & IT support.


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