Björn Callenfors Managing Director SE at Observit

Björn Callenfors Managing Director SE at Observit



Björn Callenfors
– New Managing Director (Sweden) at Observit

In line with our ambitious growth strategy, it is a great pleasure to announce the appointment of Björn Callenfors as the new Managing Director (Sweden) for Observit.

Congratulations to Björn Callenfors on his new role as Managing Director (Sweden) for Observit. This is a fantastic achievement, and well deserved. Following the success of the recent merger with ICanProve.IT (UK & RSA), and reflecting his experience, enthusiasm and inspirational leadership, this appointment is an important part of Observit’s global development.

Commenting on this new appointment, Lars Flodén, CEO of Observit, said, “Björn is a natural leader and has proven his ability to inspire and motivate people. He is passionate about the Over-The-Air technology developed and refined by Observit. Björn’s joy in the potential for our technology is infectious, and everyone at Observit, globally, wishes him well as we journey forward together.”

Björn added: “We are in great position for our global expansion. With an organization to match it. Now we just want to share with the rest of the world how open technology and great architecture can create innovative solutions for vehicle fleets around the world.”

Before joining Observit, Björn had a ten-year role as an integral part of the Axis Communications sales team, evangelizing digital technologies into previously analogue markets. He has a great track record with many years of experience introducing new technologies and challenging the status quo.



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