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At Observit, we know we have the right ideas, the right developers, and the right solutions for video on vehicles today, and for tomorrow. We have built a base of excellence in the Scandinavian regions. Now, we are perfectly positioned to bring our products to the attention of a wider, global market. We are proud to announce that Tobias Ekberg and Lana Fabb are firmly onboard – a formidable team, focused on a mission to raise awareness of our innovative intelligent technologies and introduce these proven products to a world-wide public and private transportation industry.

Observit develops first-in-class edge-based software applications that are active on mobile networked video cameras fitted in all kinds of vehicles. Our technology eliminates the need for separate onboard servers or networked video recorders, reducing hardware and running costs for fleet operators, while simplifying access to footage, live or recorded. These proven solutions are running right now, benefiting public transport providers across Scandinavia and resolving tricky insurance claims in commercial transport fleets around the UK. Tobias and Lana are already actively working to expand our reach, shattering misconceptions about hardware needs, while clarifying the case for installing Observit software on ever-more video cameras, globally.

Meet our new Sales team

Tobias and Lana are central to our mission of global growth. We are delighted to have attracted them to join with us, bringing their considerable talents and experience to the table, as they help Observit to reach its potential, world-wide.

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About Observit

Since 1996 Observit has supplied professional video surveillance solutions in close collaboration with the world-leading supplier of security cameras, Axis Communications. Observit’s mission is to develop and run successful video surveillance services based on clear and attractive customer offerings. In 2022, Observit cemented a long-running partnership with ICanProve.IT and SITOC (based in the UK and RSA) to form a new global force in the fast-paced, and rapidly evolving world of fleet technology & IT support. Observit Mobile Surveillance is a cloud-enabled edge-based subscription service that revolutionizes video surveillance across busy fleets and serves as a platform for all stakeholders (public transport operators, transit authorities, police, insurers & commercial transport).

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