Artificial intelligence

Do more directly on the camera with Observit’s unique software.

Through our own deep-learning environment, we are developing solutions that can analyse captured images to ‘recognise’ image components.

The potential is huge, and massively exciting.

Artificial intelligence

Cutting edge

Our team have built a deep-learning environment, teaching cameras to ‘think’ about where they are and what they are seeing. The specifics of our ai development is focused always on transportation.

Once the camera recognises people, fights, registration plates (just for example), new possibilities open up. Do you want to anonymise footage – automatically obscuring identifying features to protect privacy for passers by? We can do that.

With this solution, developed in-house by our very own technical wizards, we think that we can offer GDPR-compliant external video capture (dashcam). And we can offer 360° vision, all around your vehicles, all the time, wherever they are.


Unique learning environment


Real-world practical applications

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How Observit works

easy to retrieve video
always up to date
over the air
hassle-free management
evidence collection
API powered

Have a fleet headache?

Observit is very proud to have worked collaboratively with customers to develop new technologies & customise existing solutions, solving real-world fleet-management problems with novel approaches to data and video. Whatever you are struggling with, why not challenge us to come up with a solution?

Software as a Service Subscription

With a subscription service, every update and upgrade is there for you as soon as we push it out to the cameras. Every year, the product you enjoy is better than the year before and your costs are fixed, known and planned.

All your devices are brought in to a single unified and efficient management interface. You have the flexibility to rapidly scale up and down as needed, both in terms of the number of devices and additional services. You may be surprised by the number of hats your cameras can wear – they are not just there to capture video, they can do more with Observit.