Observit data management

Remote Monitoring to improve compliance

If you are aiming to effect cultural change to improve compliance, technology is your friend. With Observit, you can capture long-lasting data from local alerts, finally gaining the evidence you need to manage change positively and proactively.

With Interpres, you don’t need to replace or upgrade your on-board
technology in order to have SMART connected solutions. Whether you are monitoring axle-load weight, proximity, temperature
control, door seals or load conditions, capturing alerts and sharing in
real-time can transform safety and consistency across your fleet.

Observit Mobile Surveillance is a subscription service that revolutionizes video surveillance across busy fleets and serves as a platform for all stakeholders (depot, head office, safety and police).

It is fast and easy to retrieve evidence, maintain surveillance equipment or gather data for business optimisation – all while using less hardware.

As technology, vehicles, fleet size and operating arrangements change, it ensures compatibility both backwards and forwards within your fleet.

compliance management

Axle-load weight management

Key Features
  1. Our rugged on-board unit connects reliably to any existing sensor, captures output, converts to digital, and transmits over a secure
    cloud connection.
  2. Personalised alerts via SMS/ email allow your team to respond rapidly to critical events. Whereas data capture and analytics enable proactive management.
  3. Integrate output with your existing FMS suite for simplicity and superior control. Single-click connectivity to live reports and add-ons, like video
  • Real-time remote reporting from any monitor
  • Secure online access to live reporting platform
  • Trend analysis for proactive Health and Safety strategies
  • Personalised alerts by app, SMS or email as required
  • Drivers who know you ‘have their back’


overcoming challenges in running a busy fleet

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to modern fleet management. At Observit, we believe that technology should be a solution, never a problem.

Observit technologies work together, and also integrate with customer management platforms, to put video at the heart of solutions making data meaningful and helpful to your business.