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Onboard video surveillance can be acomplicated business, from keeping hardware functioning and upto-date, across multiple fleet generations, to making sure that authorized stakeholders have access to the evidence they need. Adding Body Worn Cameras to the equation seems to make it even more complicated.

Yet there’s an easier way to manage it – not just on a single bus or a single Body Worn Camera, but on every bus in your fleet. The solution is in the cloud.

Easy to maintain

Body Worn Cameras

Based on needs addressed by customers within the law enforcement and private security field, the body worn camera provides a new way for making the world a safer, smarter and more secure place. To put a camera on the torso of a police officer, a security guard or a train attendant creates a more secure workplace, better possibilities for collecting evidence and can provide input for developing better work methods or trainings. The possibilities and use cases are endless.

AXIS’s Body-worn Camera is a new product on the market. The camera itself is a recording device. To offload the video data from the device, it is connected to a local Axis Docking Station. The Observit Body Worn Camera Surveillance, BWS, connects to the Axis Docking Station to make recorded video from the body worn camera available in the Observit VMS Cloud service.

onboard surveillance

Body Worn
meets the cloud

Observit VMS is developed for transport and mobile fleets. With a unique, cloud-connected subscription service organisations can achieve cost-effective control over the onboard surveillance. No matter how many buses you own or how wide an area you serve, you can experience high reliability and a low cost of ownership.

With the Observit BWS the integration between the Body Worn Camera and the service available in the Cloud is seamless.

available from anywhere

Simpler fleet management

With the cloud as a hub, it’s equally easy to manage surveillance equipment across your fleet. Our easily installed onboard cameras are configured and updated remotely, so that you always have the same settings and functions fleet-wide – even if your business operations change. Better still, each system checks its health and reports it via the cloud. So you always know that your systems are working, without having to check them in person. The recorded video by the Body Worn Cameras will be as easy to retrieve as any other camera in the Observit VMS.

Observit VMS is webbased. No installation, available from anywhere, anytime with a browser and an authorized stakeholder.

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