Cargo Monitoring

Cameras inside your onboard cargo spaces are both an integral part of your video system,
and can also work apart from it.

Watch cargo as it enters and leaves the area,
keep cameras monitoring for set periods after the ignition is switched off
– 24/7 if wanted.

  • No new infrastructure needed
  • Video-based solution for instant visibility and audit trail
  • Monitor cargo as it is moved in and out of the cargo area
  • Embeds within your fleet management solution
  • Record and document everything as needed
  • Cameras keep recording when ignition is off*
Multiple rugged camera options

Wide-angled views and intelligent camera placement allow you to see cargo throughout its journey and during on- and off-loading.

What makes our solution different?

Simplicity in  camera-based solution that integrates completely with your fleet management system, but can also run on different rules to your other vehicle-based cameras – for instance, where all other cameras switch off with ignition, this camera (or these cameras) remain recording for a set time after ignition is switched off.

Talk to us if you would like to know more about:

  • 24/7 cargo monitoring
  • intelligent monitoring for people in cargo areas