Cargo space monitoring


Increased Cargo Security

Our cargo space cameras offer constant surveillance, significantly reducing the risk of theft, loss, and tampering. By maintaining a vigilant eye over your cargo, we provide peace of mind for both operators and clients.


Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Stay informed with live footage from your cargo space. Our system sends real-time alerts for any unauthorized access or unexpected events, allowing for immediate action to protect your assets.


Enhanced Load Management

Observit’s cameras go beyond security; they enable smarter load management. Visual verification of cargo loading and unloading processes improves efficiency, ensuring optimal space utilization and preventing damage during transit.


Evidence and Compliance

In the event of disputes or insurance claims, video footage serves as undeniable evidence of cargo conditions and handling practices. This not only helps in resolving issues more effectively but also aids in complying with regulatory requirements.


Data-Driven Insights

Combine camera data with Observit’s analytics for deeper insights into cargo management trends. Identify areas for improvement in loading techniques, optimize routes based on cargo volumes, and enhance overall operational strategies.


Seamless Integration

Our cargo space cameras easily integrate with existing vehicle systems and Observit’s broader surveillance solutions. This unified approach ensures that you have complete control and visibility over every aspect of your transport operations.