Charging station safety

As more and more of us move to sustainable business practices and the number of electric vehicles increases, more depots have their own charging stations. At Observit, we want to make it super easy to stay safe. Our charging station monitoring, powered by Araani, spots the early signs of fires during charging – allowing you to better protect your people, property and places.
  • No new infrastructure needed
  • Always-on, intelligent monitoring
  • Video-based solution for instant visibility and audit trail
  • Early alert system backed up by live-video feed
  • Embeds within your fleet management solution
  • Regulatory requirements met
Multiple rugged camera options

Wide-angled views and intelligent camera placement allow you to see charging stations from more-than-one point of view.

What makes our solution different?

Simplicity and intelligence is the focus for all we do. We specialise in video solutions, which sit within your existing technological infrastructure. It makes sense to make more use of cameras, giving you eyes on the ground, wherever you are.