Observit CPC

The Observit Connected People Counter

The Observit People Counter defines a new level of precision in electronic people counting, with a counting accuracy close to 100% – even under difficult conditions. 

The Observit CPC detects without fail the number of passengers entering and exiting a public transit vehicle, as well as the number of persons currently present within a defined area. The device is primarily designed for buses and trams and trains but may be used in a wide range of applications.

The Observit CPC is an effective system that makes it easy to install, monitor and manage in the enterprise fleets, with a large number of units and vehicles, all manged remotely. The system continuously performs checks of system, components, units and functions.

Observits focus is to develop and create reliable, available and serviceable products for the mobile fleet.


Detailed and accumulated

Observit CPC collect data from all counters in a bus and delivers real time accumulated passenger counting information. Boardings and departures are divided into different categories as well as the actual occupancy at each stop.

The information can be used, among other things, for monitoring real time travelling and also for congestion information to Travelers.

The information supplied follows ITxPT and includes journey information and also:


Vehicle ID


Door id


Bus stop id


Number of boarding passes per category

(adults / children etc.)

Number of departures per category

(adults / children etc.)



Occupancy on board





The CPC is using high technology to analyze and perform people counting in a pre-defined area. To get highest possible accuracy in the counting, the counting is made by sensors coupled in stereo creating a 3D view which makes it possible to measure objects in a very efficient way. The accuracy of each vehicle is shown in Observit Enterprise Center.

The data and result that are analyzed in the unit, the number of passengers, are stored in the unit and could be pushed to a predefined customer server or via MQTT/ITxPT at every stop of the bus making real time figures available for stakeholders.

Reliable, available and serviceable

The Observit CPC

Bi-directional counting on a definable line (polygon)
  • Variable position of counting lines
  • Adaptation to on-site requirements
Detection of U-turns
  • No double counting
Door masking
  • Automatic compensation for interference from swinging and sliding doors
Configuration of Unit
  • Direct access from Observit Enterprise Center
  • No interference with other functions
  • Automatic height and angle setting
  • Just a single component, no extra controllers
  • Flexible positioning and tilt options facilitate retrofits
Simple startup and maintenance
  • Fast project success guaranteed – easy calibration or fine-tuning required
  • Settings of units can be saved, stored and transferred
Data retrieval in real time
  • Data can be delivered, pushed, or retrieved with different modern IP technologies like MQTT/ITxPT.
Monitoring and management
  • The Observit CPC is connected to Observit Enterprise Center, OEC, which makes it possible to monitor, verify and manage the operation or the unit.