Observit VMS

Damage Investigation

Damage is reduced and efficiency improved by using video technology and Observit Damage Investigation.

Damage on buses is seen as an increasing problem to bus Operators and Public Transit Authorities. Not only is the repair itself costly, but buses at standstill are unpredictable and a drain on your finances.

Observit Damage Investigation is a solution that supports damage management by continuously registering the external condition of the bus and thus being able to direct investigators to the right journey, driver and the date and time.

The Observit Damage Investigation service is used to document the condition of vehicles, from various camera positions and angles, as they enter the depot, during the process or service, and also as they leave the depot.

High resolution tools


Authorized personnel may view recorded footage of each bus or vehicle to detect damage and quickly determine if the damage was pre-existing, happened while at the depot, or after leaving the depot. The Observit Damage Investigation service gives the High Resolution tools you need to decrease damage claims, and reduce cost. The Observit webplayer are used to view the recorded video.



An investigation report is created with the basic vehicle info, comments and selected snapshots. The report could be enhanced to support API to API with direct transfer to customer service/ticket system. A complete video scene of the bus could also be exported.


In the cloud and
always available

The solution is simple and scalable. Instead of relying on local servers and hard disks you equip your depot with Observit VMS and Axis IP network cameras and connectivity. The cloud service makes it possible to investigate and manage buses wherever you sit and the access is available to all authorized stakeholders.

With this unique, cloud-connected subscription service you can achieve a cost-effective control over the fleet. No matter how many buses you own or how wide an area you serve, you can experience high reliability and a low cost of ownership.