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Revolutionise depot management

Damage detection

Incident management


Passenger protection

Vehicles that move people

Your busy depot

Automation and remote-access technology are essential tools, making busy depot management tasks more achievable and allowing you to adapt to changing risk environments.

Our solutions will fully integrate with your existing management suite, if wanted. Or you can access them in any browser through our user-friendly portal. Hassle-free video management with simpler maintenance and less hardware.

Add-on services:


Vehicle Positioning System


Damage investigation


People counting

Moving cargo

Multiple depots, vehicles always driving

Clear, reliable and accessible Observit  video is simple to use and incredibly powerful to have. Our system needs less hardware and so has lower overheads and reduces your carbon footprint. You have the flexibility to add subscription services to resolve your daily depot-management headaches.


Scheduling, pickups and customer coms


Sensor reporting, data capture and trend analysis


Compliance reporting that drives up standards