Blue lights

Wake up your cameras. Help your people to do more with video when they are out and about.

With our unique solution, your officers can review footage onboard
and quickly identify portions to transmit to headquarters.

Meanwhile, team-leaders will find it simple to manage massive numbers of cameras over-the-air
in a cybersecure environment.

Emergency video

Cameras do more with Observit. With this system,  your in-vehicle cameras will be simply, reliably and flexibly managed locally on an android device.

Officers can review, record and transmit clips at the time, removing time-consuming efforts to trawl through footage later.


Flexible, precise, intelligent location enabled video


Management of video both locally and centrally

  • No recorder needed—in-vehicle video access
  • Over-the-air access to video—live and recorded
  • Over-the-air mass management of devices for cybersecurity
How does it work?

Less hardware

You absolutely do not need a separate recorder or on-board server to process video with our system. Cameras do more with Observit.

Video can be accessed both locally, in the vehicle, and also by those in management who are looking after your teams who are out and about.

GPS and telematics data are captured and displayed alongside video.

It is easy to install, with less hardware per vehicle, and the ability to upgrade and update software remotely. Cameras are regularly pinged to check that they are reporting properly, in our technology health check service.

And it is simple to use, handling massive numbers of cameras very well.

What makes our solution different?

Simple intelligence

Our unique approach is software driven. We have fantastic devevelopers who are working full-time creating practical solutions to make your cameras smarter.

The key differences in our approach are that:

  • you will need less hardware – no network video recorder (NVR) needed
  • integrate via API
  • mass-management of devices is our core service, we do it well
  • video is available live and recorded


Emergency vehicles

Adapted specifically for blue light teams, video from vehicles can be reviewed then and there by your teams on the road.

GPS & Telematics

Video is at the heart of everything we do. Augmented by GPS and telematics, you can access footage via a map.

In-vehicle video access

Our unique software gives your teams access to video from that vehicle’s cameras on an in-cab android device.