Observit data management

Big data with purpose & meaning

Rivers of data are constantly flowing from your vehicles – driver behaviour, location, technology health, sensor alerts, fuel usage, axle-load weights, and so much more.

Observit enables you to do more with data simply and seamlessly. Spot trends in time and place to allow you to proactively improve safety and compliance.

Observit Mobile Surveillance is a subscription service that revolutionizes video surveillance across busy fleets and serves as a platform for all stakeholders (depot, head office, safety and police).

It is fast and easy to retrieve evidence, maintain surveillance equipment or gather data for business optimisation – all while using less hardware.

As technology, vehicles, fleet size and operating arrangements change, it ensures compatibility both backwards and forwards within your fleet.

over-the-air, edge computing, subscription service

Key data streams

Driver behaviour
  • Automated video link for events
  • Colourful data display
  • Trends presented across time & location
  • Driver and vehicle drill-down into the data
  • Real-time reporting
  • Historical records
  • Access video from map
  • Integrate with, augment or replace, your own tracking & telematics
Technology health reporting
  • Systematic automated check-ins
  • Early alert to technology failures
  • Maintenance management
Multiple data streams
  • Adapted to receive data from multiple sources
  • Data display tailored to your needs
  • Vehicle usage analysis
  • Passenger analysis
  • Sensor reporting
Remote management
  • Controlled through the cloud
  • Remote health monitoring
  • If cameras aren’t working, you know, before you need them
  • Simultaneous fleet-wide camera software updates


overcoming onboard video surveillance challenges

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to video surveillance. For example, you may need a massive number of cameras. You may be struggling with poor image quality, technical issues, no real-time awareness or lifetime maintenance. Observit uses mobile surveillance connected over the air. Intelligent wireless network cameras are connected and empowered to become edge computers that you can access securely from any device. Added insights are managed from the cloud, and all technology is reports in remotely with regular technology health checks.