Video transport technology

There is so much wasted computing power in your on-board cameras. With Observit, your cameras will work harder and smarter – meaning you need less hardware and fewer servers. You have lower costs and emit less carbon, while at the same time, you access more services and get more practical use out of the data streaming from your vehicles.

Intelligent technology

Over the Air all the way to the Edge

Whether your business is moving people over public transport, or the logisitcs of transporting those things we all need (commercial transport), you need clear, hassle-free, easy to use mobile surveillance. Video for vehicles is at the heart of all we do. And your cameras do more with Observit, enabled and connected over-the-air, and powered by cutting-edge technology that awakens the computing power on your cameras.


Live streaming & recording crystal-clear video


Automation & remote access from any device


Technology health checks, know what works


Data analysis & finger-tip control

Our solution

What Observit delivers


Less hardware

Lower costs



Carbon reduction

Observit connected cameras in the field


Total cost savings

How Observit works

easy to retrieve video
always up to date
over the air
hassle-free management
evidence collection
API first

About us

Since 1996 Observit has supplied professional video surveillance solutions in close collaboration with the world-leading supplier of security cameras, Axis Communications.

Observit has developed and run successful video surveillance services specifically for the transport industry. Our success has been based on a clear understanding of what customers need, and the ability to rapidly develop and deploy unique solutions.

In 2022, Observit cemented a long-running partnership with ICanProve.IT and SITOC (based in the UK and RSA) to form a new global force in the fast-paced, and rapidly evolving world of fleet technology & IT support.

Observit offers a turnkey solution that gives you complete control of the entire process, from simple installation to monitoring of the cameras in each bus and the collection of image material. The entire process is covered in a highly functional and quality manner.
Bram Lauwers

Product Manager Digital Services, Nobina

With this great system, I am in continuous and effective control of my vehicles and drivers at all times. No more sketches, no more chasing people for written accounts. We know what happened, can prove what happened, close the case and move on.
Peter Kelly

Group Compliance and Fleet Manager, Elis

Latest news

Björn Callenfors CEO of Observit

Björn Callenfors CEO of Observit

From 1 December, Lars Flodén is passing the leadership baton for Observit on to Björn Callenfors – leading us into our next stage as we grow from being a regional success story, to a global one.

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Drive Sweden policy lab

Drive Sweden policy lab

We are happy to play a part in understanding how cities can use connected cameras from buses to benefit the passengers and the city as a whole.

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If you are looking for ICanProve.IT, we are proud to now be one company with Observit. You can reach us in the UK at:


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