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About Observit

We are on a mission to becoming the leading global service provider within mobile surveillance. Observits mission is to develop and run first in class video surveillance services based on clear and attractive high-end customer offerings.

We are expanding our business and are facing exciting challenges ahead driving a customer-centric transformation and growth journey of the entire business supporting our Swedish and international partners with technical, strategical, and operational solutions.

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Full stack Developer

About the Role

Observit AB has developed an advanced cloud-based subscription service that revolutionizes video surveillance across mobile fleets and serves as a platform for all stakeholders (bus operators, transit authorities and the police).

We are excited to now have “Trafikportalen” on board to join forces with Observit. Observit’s capacity within security, surveillance and analytics is a great match to “Trafikportalen”, which has been created to give the best user experience for data regarding mobile fleets. Observit will be at the frontline in analytics for the public transportation providing strong partnerships, a world-class development team.

With “Trafikportalen” we need more skilled people who wants to grow with Observit in this rapidly growing market, to work in an enthusiastic team and in a fantastic environment for creative developers.


In addition to mastering HTML and CSS, you also know how to:

  • Program a browser (like using JavaScript, jQuery, React…)
  • Program a server (such as PHP, ASP, C#, Python, or Node)
  • Program a database (like using MySQL, SQLserver, or MongoDB)
  • You can master all the techniques involved in a development project
  • You can quickly make a prototype
  • You can provide help to all the team members
  • You can switch between front and back end development based on requirements
  • You understand all the aspects of new and upcoming technologies
  • You can design and implement a new system from scratch. You also understand the value of consistency and can extend and improve existing systems while adapting to the spirit, style and technology of that code base
  • You have the drive to dig into things until you really understand them and the courage to make necessary changes. You never leave a suspicious code section untouched just because you do not understand it

During the pandemic, we learned that you can work from home. Today we have our office in Sundsvall, Sweden, tomorrow we work from anywhere. The right person doesn’t need to be seated in Sundsvall, the right person loves to work at Observit.

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