Observit vms

Modernise your
legacy system

A reliable, cost-effective, connected and easy-to-use surveillance service for transport and legacy analogue camera system.

Observit and Axis Video encoders give you an easy, cost-effective way to integrate your current analogue bus video cameras with Observit cloud service. You’ll be able to migrate to network video at your own pace and enjoy the benefits of IP immediately, while maintaining the value of your investment in analogue equipment.


Some features:


Simple Easy, remote access to live and recorded video


Full knowledge of system health without going on board


Seamless compatibility both backwards and forwards


Added value through business intelligence

Easy to maintain

Observit in
the encoder

With the Observit app installed in the encoder the analogue cameras will act as individual IP cameras. The enduser can use the system in the same way as IP cameras. In fact a bus could contain a mix of both IP cameras with Observit and analogue cameras connected to the encoder. This make it easy to maintain the analogue cameras and going IP and start the transformation to IP video at the same time.

no exchange during a lifetime of a bus

Less hardware,
no NVR Service

The encoder also makes it possible to remove the “old” recorder for analogue video in the bus. No need for NVR service or exchange during a lifetime of a bus. Instead of the costly update of recorders and disks you can install Observit.

professional video surveillance solution

Install Observit
and connect

Observit C3 is a professional video surveillance solution. The well recognized Observit central management and monitoring solution serves as a solid backend. This is a reliable and stable platform for the Observit C3 VMS.

All devices and units are monitored and managed in the central cloud based system. Total control of system, devices, inventory, logfiles etc, as well as management and organisation of the logical structure of depots, vehicles and functionality.

webbased vms

Observit C3 App

The Observit C3 App will manage and keep all your unique customized recordings and settings, upload requests, keep log, report status, alarms and communicate all info to the central webbased VMS.

The maintenance and usage is always remote, no need to go the bus to pick up video or manage the system. Different stakeholders can request and retrieve video from their office in a web browser and view the video, both live realtime and recorded, all synchronized in the Observit webplayer.

The network load from the C3 system is normally very low. At upload of videos the C3 will handle the upload in an optimal way for the current network and connection. Even if the communication is unstable the upload will be handled in a very intelligent way and no videos will be lost in transfer.

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