Video for vehicles

A world-leading video application platform
Edge-computing on connected cameras
Cloud infrastructure always available


More than 40,000 lenses powered by Observit today
Technology health reporting – so you know what’s working
Lower carbon footprint, lower total cost of ownership

Artificial intelligence

  • Cameras can be fixed, mobile, body-worn, internal or external on any vehicle
  • Device management and evidence collection redesigned
  • Cameras are edge computers with no recorders needed
  • Observit does more with cameras


    Activate your cameras’ potential with unique, intelligent code developed by our incredible tech team. All you need is an internet connection for your vehicle and another for your team member, and you can access our management platform in the cloud. Suddenly, so much more is possible.

    Do more, see more with video powered by Observit. We specialise in services that solve today’s transportation dilemmas, putting visibility and connectivity front & centre.

    What Observit means to you…


    Less hardware

    Lower costs



    Carbon reduction

    lenses active today


    Total cost savings

    How Observit works…

    easy to retrieve

    easy to update


    device management

    evidence collection

    API first

    Recent news:

    Björn Callenfors CEO of Observit

    From 1 December, Lars Flodén is passing the leadership baton for Observit on to Björn Callenfors – leading us into our next stage as we grow from being a regional success story, to a global one.

    Drive Sweden policy lab

    We are happy to play a part in understanding how cities can use connected cameras from buses to benefit the passengers and the city as a whole.

    A new global force in fleet technology

    From May2022, ICanProve.IT (UK & RSA), Observit (Sweden) and SITOC Ltd (UK) are joining together to become a single company – Observit – with a truly global reach.

    Björn Callenfors - new global sales director

    Björn Callenfors New Global Sales Director at Observit

    In line with our ambitious growth strategy, it is a great pleasure to announce the appointment of Björn Callenfors as the new Global Sales Director for Observit.

    Girl in a bus

    Best-in-class dome with IR for advanced onboard surveillance

    Specifically designed for onboard surveillance, AXIS P3935-LR complies with all relevant transportation industry regulations including EN50155, EN45545, and NFPA 130. Featuring Axis Lightfinder and Axis Forensic WDR, it delivers true colors and great detail in challenging light or near darkness…