Cameras for fleets

Put video at the heart of fleet management.

A cloud-based subscription service, enabled by edge computing.

Do more with less hardware, lower total costs and lower carbon footprints too.

Mobile surveillance

Whether you need video from the inside or the outside of your vehicles, or both, Observit is your ideal partner.

Improve visibility, gain control, manage multiple lenses across many vehicles as easy as one.

IT support

Our engineers are ready and willing to be the IT support service partner for your business.

Observit includes Specialists in IT Outsourcing and Consultancy services (SITOC)

SITOC is your perfect parner for managed IT services.

Public transport mobile surveillance

A cloud-based subscription service that revolutionizes video surveillance across bus fleets

Commercial transport surveillance

Subscribe to video services that reimagine video surveillance across commercial fleets

Depot control solutions

Take back control of all your depot and fleet management processes – so you can see and understand more
Do you want to count passengers on and off?

The Observit People Counter defines a new level of precision in electronic people counting, with a counting accuracy close to 100% – even under difficult conditions.

This camera-based system detects all people entering and exiting your vehicles, with an online map-based reporting platform, making it super-easy to access and understand live data and also to spot fraud, see trends and find ways to optimise route planning.

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Do you want to better detect damage on your vehicles?

Observit Damage Investigation supports any business with a busy fleet by continuously registering the external condition of the bus and thus being able to direct support measures to the right journey, driver and the date and time.

The Observit Damage Investigation service is used to document the condition of vehicles, from various camera positions and angles, as they enter the depot, during the process or service, and also as they leave the depot.

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Do you want to connect legacy & analogue cameras?

Alongside your connected cameras, you may well have existing legacy video technology. With Observit, you can enable these cameras with an encoder, which replaces your previous need for a recorder or NVR

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Need body-worn cameras for your staff?

AXIS’s Body-worn Camera is a relatively new product on the market. The camera itself is a recording device. To offload the video data from the device, it is connected to a local Docking Station.

The Observit Body Worn Camera Surveillance, BWS, connects to the Axis Docking Station to make recorded video from the body worn camera available in the Observit VMS Cloud service.

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Do you want to connect axle-load weight monitors to your Observit reporting platform?

If you are aiming to effect cultural change to improve compliance, technology is your friend. With Observit, you can capture long-lasting data from local alerts, finally gaining the evidence you need to manage change positively and proactively.

Our rugged on-board camera unit connects reliably to any existing sensor, captures output, converts to digital, and transmits over a secure
cloud connection. Personalised alerts via SMS/ email allow your team to respond rapidly to critical events. Whereas data capture and analytics enable proactive management.

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Would you like to make more use of your vehicles' data?

Rivers of data are constantly flowing from your vehicles – driver behaviour, location, technology health, sensor alerts, fuel usage, axle-load weights, and so much more.

Observit enables you to do more with data simply and seamlessly. Spot trends in time and place to allow you to proactively improve safety and compliance.

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IT support services

Meet our specialists in IT Outsourcing and Consultancy – ready to be your partner in managed IT services