Our unique solution

Do more directly on the camera with Observit’s unique software. Edge computing avoids processing bottlenecks, increases speed, resilience and security, reduces running costs and lowers hardware needs.

Edge computing

Review footage live

Whether you want to review footage in real time from your desk, quickly scan through all the available footage on each camera, or download footage from an incident along with the full context (location, driver behaviour, vehicle speed, etc), Observit makes it easy to interact with multiple devices at once.


Live streaming, onboard review, automation & download


Full remote access to camera

Over the air

Subscribing over-the-air, means that you always have secure access to the latest full service, and never need to carry the costs of running your own server or storing your own video.

Edge computing

There is wasted processing power on almost every modern camera – Observit develops that potential, eliminating the need for a recorder, while adding functionality. Streamlined and intelligent.

Machine Learning

In our deep-learning environments, cameras learn to identify location from image cues when GPS is not available; they identify people and registration plates to automate anonymisation of footage. The potential is astounding, and already impacting customer experience.

Equipment health report

One of the biggest challenges in any large-scale surveillance system, made worse when fitted on vehicles, is knowing whether your technology is working – our remote health check helps solve this issue.

Artificial intelligence

Cutting edge

Through our own deep learning environment, we have developed solutions that can not only recognise location based on cues in the image, but also identify and anonymise registration plates and people. The possibilities are countless.


Transportation headaches resolved


Intelligent surveillance


We work with a wide variety of industries & users

Whether your busy fleet has thousands of buses full of important passengers, hundreds of lorries and vans transporting vital cargo, ferry boats, cars, taxis or more, Observit has the solution you need.

Here are some real-world case studies prepared with our partners at Axis Communications and WEBFLEET, and major-league customers Nobina (the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator) and Elis (an international multi-service provider, offering textile, hygiene and facility service solutions).

Elis case study video


Nobina case study

Have a fleet headache?

Observit is very proud to have worked collaboratively with customers to develop new technologies & customise existing solutions, solving real-world fleet-management problems with novel approaches to data and video. Whatever you are struggling with, why not challenge us to come up with a solution?

Flexibility to fit around your needs

Some customers need just the software that wakes their cameras up. Our code connects and activates your cameras, enabling them to work harder and smarter. And we give you the key to access them and integrate them fully into your systems.

Other customers need a full management package – with the option to include analysis, tracking, reporting, customer communications and more – we can do that too.

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