Our unique solution

Do more directly on the camera with Observit’s unique software. Our software, computing and deep learning environments are designed specifically for video on vehicles. Edge computing avoids bottlenecks in processing that can occur with some cloud-based or remote computing solutions.

Observit increases speed, resilience and security, reduces running costs and lowers hardware needs.

Edge computing

Easy video access

Whether you want to review footage in real time from your desk, quickly scan through all the available footage on each camera, or download footage from an incident along with the full context (location, driver behaviour, vehicle speed, etc), Observit makes it easy to interact with multiple devices at once by powering up your cameras so that they can do more.


Live streaming, view onboard footage, automation & download


Unified hassle-free device management over-the-air


Subscription service, always up-to-date


Full remote access to camera


No recorders

How Observit works

easy to retrieve video
always up to date
over the air
hassle-free management
evidence collection
API powered


We work with a wide variety of industries & users

Whether your busy fleet has thousands of buses full of important passengers, hundreds of lorries and vans transporting vital cargo, ferry boats, cars, taxis or more, Observit has the solution you need.

Here are some real-world case studies prepared with our partners at Axis Communications and WEBFLEET, and major-league customers Nobina (the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator) and Elis (an international multi-service provider, offering textile, hygiene and facility service solutions).

Elis case study video


Nobina case study