Cameras for fleets

Put video at the heart of fleet management.

A cloud-based subscription service, enabled by edge computing.

Do more with less hardware, lower total costs and lower carbon footprints too.

Mobile surveillance

Whether you need video from the inside or the outside of your vehicles, or both, Observit is your ideal partner.

Improve visibility, gain control, manage multiple lenses across many vehicles as easy as one.

IT support

Our engineers are ready and willing to be the IT support service partner for your business.

Observit includes Specialists in IT Outsourcing and Consultancy services (SITOC)

SITOC is your perfect parner for managed IT services.

Public transport mobile surveillance

A cloud-based subscription service that revolutionizes video surveillance across bus fleets

Commercial transport surveillance

Subscribe to video services that reimagine video surveillance across commercial fleets

Depot control solutions

Take back control of all your depot and fleet management processes – so you can see and understand more

Our unique product add-ons

Vehicle positioning system

Help your vehicles to ‘see’ where they are – even in column parking

People counter

A new level of precision in electronic people counting

Damage detection

Continuously monitor the external condition of vehicles

Legacy & analogue cameras

Connect and encode legacy video technology with no NVR needed

Blue-light video solutions

Officers can review footage onboard and share key footage.

Axle-load weight monitors

Connect and capture alerts from monitors to boost compliance

IT support services

Meet our specialists in IT Outsourcing and Consultancy – ready to be your partner in managed IT services