Public transport

Observit delivers hassle-free camera access – complete video management – across your busy fleet. Our solution frees you from the need to have on-board recorders. We use cloud and edge computing technology to connect cameras, securely, straight to your office. One-way secure access. Reliable, resilient, simple to use – and trusted by industry-leaders.

Mobile surveillance

A cloud-based subscription service that revolutionizes video surveillance across bus fleets

Modernise your system

A reliable, cost-effective, connected and easy-to-use transformation to legacy analogue camera system

Body-worn surveillance

The body-worn camera provides a new way for making the world a safer, smarter and more secure place

Connected People Counter

The Observit People Counter defines a new level of precision in electronic people counting

Damage Investigation

Reduce damage and improve efficiency by using video technology and Observit Damage Investigation