Vehicle Positioning

Wake up your cameras. Go beyond GPS.
With our unique solution, your existing cameras are able to solve your parking problems.

You can locate each of your vehicles where satellite signals don’t reach
and to a level of accuracy never before possible without any new or expensive infrastructure.

You will know exactly where each bus or truck is in relation to known positions in your depot, garage, wash or anywhere, and in relation to other vehicles – even when parked in column.

Zones, signs & sensors

Cameras do more with Observit. With this system,  sensors in your vehicles, and those around your sites, will recognise number plates and carefully placed signs that augment GPS data to better locate vehicles.

Zones are set by you – as are the actions that you want to happen (such as, reporting that a vehicle has entered or left a named area, or turn on/off reporting).

Simple! And all API-first from the ground up, so that it can integrate with whatever systems you use.


Flexible, precise, intelligent location reporting


Beyond GPS

  • No new infastructure, no radio transmitters, no new trackers
  • Practical, flexible, scalable, affordable, simple to set up, simple to use
  • Works anywhere: in a column, underground, garage, repair, washer…
  • Built within our existing edge-enabled camera system
  • Record and document everything as needed
Ready for even the most challenging positioning requirements

Column parking – solved
Our customers came to us with a tricky problem – finding their buses. They hadn’t lost their buses, they just didn’t know where exactly in the depot they were at any given time. The existing solutions were either: team members with clipboards and eyes-on the buses in the yard; or expensive new systems with local transmitters/ receivers.
Observit have developed a third way.
Using your existing onboard cameras, a well-place additional fixed sensor or two, and adding some simple signs at strategic locations creates a fully functional, precise, accurate and deceptively simple complete solution to knowing exactly where your vehciles are at any given time.
Whether you are parking up buses, cabs, vans, trucks or any vehicle at all, this system is a simple solution to a tricky parking problem.

How does it work?

Simple intelligence.

Where GPS works, we use GPS to report location so you can track and trace vehicles in real time and historically, just as you would expect. We add to that with carefully placed signs and sensors where you need specificity. Our system works anywhere, connects to cameras when you have a question, and records where the vehicle has been in the past.

There is a rich management user interface (GUI) where we can work together to setup rules and configure areas, zone & vehicles. Or, brilliantly, our whole solution is designed API-first so that it integrates with your own planning systems.

It is simple, flexible, adaptable and intelligent. Do you need to reserve a place for a specific vehicle? We can do that. Do you need to report incorrect parking? We can do that. Do you want to know which vehicles are in the garage at any time and how long they’ve been there? We can do that too.

What makes our solution different?

Simple intelligence.

Whereas most providers would be suggesting new hardware and products to solve the dilemma of having 100s of vehicles within a single depot, underground or in multi-storey storage, Observit thinks outside that box.

We like to use technology smarter. Why add expenisve hardware when you can use software as a service and get more value from your existing camera system?

Vehicle positioning (VPS) is just one of many apps that we can run on cameras once they have been edge-enabled with our bespoke operating system. We believe that this is a unique offering to the market and one that solves your everyday problems in an innvotive & effective way.



Set any logical or geographic area to be a named zone, with the option to add actions that happen when vehicles enter or leave.

Rules & actions

Rules are the brain connecting any sensor or sign with a zone. Actions are what happen on the device (sign read, enter/leave, etc).


Even when your vehicles are in under-ground garages, you will know precisely where they sit – and their exact place in column parking.